Seattle, June 25, 2024Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist has soared to become the number one documentary of 2024, grossing over $2.9 million at the box office since its nationwide release on June 4. The film has also set a new benchmark as the highest-grossing Catholic film ever distributed by Fathom Events, demonstrating its profound effect on audiences across the country.

Amidst a challenging landscape for box office sales, the enthusiastic reception of Jesus Thirsts among audiences across the country signals a growing desire for films with deeper meaning.

“We are all searching for purpose and fulfillment,” said Castletown’s owner and executive director Tim Moriarty. “In Jesus Thirsts, we present the answer to this existential longing within every human heart: God's desire to satiate our thirst for meaning with His tangible presence in the Eucharist.”

In Jesus Thirsts, Castletown Media collaborated with executive producer Deacon Steve Greco and producer James Wahlberg to explore the cornerstone of Catholic worship. The documentary embarks on a global journey across three continents, telling a shared story across cultures and borders and illustrating the universal significance of the Eucharist.

Based in Seattle, Castletown Media has swiftly emerged as the nation’s premier Catholic film studio. Its previous success, Mother Teresa: No Greater Love, produced for the Knights of Columbus, was the highest-grossing faith-based documentary of 2022. Building on the triumph of Jesus Thirsts, Moriarty—who directed and wrote the film—has several new projects in the pipeline. One of the most anticipated is Roadmap to Reality: Carlo Acutis and Our Digital Age, a documentary set for theatrical release in Spring 2025. This film, which will again see Castletown Media partnering with Jim Wahlberg, focuses on Blessed Carlo Acutis, who has garnered tremendous international media attention and is poised to become the Catholic Church’s first millennial saint.

Jesus Thirsts, initially slated for a limited three-day release, has extended its run twice, continuing in select theaters through June 26. For the official trailer, tickets, and showtimes, visit

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